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We are excited to bring you 2 sessions focusing on body motion and technique for Salsa and Bachata

Each session is 5 weeks starting September 9

1- Body Motion SALSA (Monday's 6-7pm)

2- Body Motion BACHATA (Monday's 7-8pm)


1 hour of intense body motion bliss that will warm up your soul. This class focuses on the technique of moving your body to Latin rhythms. No more dancing with your head and feet, you will learn to move with your heart.

-hybrid class- afro-mambo-latin-jazz-ballroom movements in salsa and surprises.
-son cubano, guajira, mambo, salsa, cha cha cha, rumba
-body motion in shines.

#whatisbachata ?
This class explores different trends and styles of bachata, body movement moving from traditional danson (bachata basic) to new styles and techniques
-dominican, sensual, urban and fusion
-explore musicality and emphasis on spinal work and proper weight transfer
-It's not just about the footwork... join us to find out why


ONE CLASS (5 week session)
EARLY BIRD 90$ before August 31
115$ after September 1

TWO CLASS SPECIAL (SALSA & BACHATA) - 2 Corinne & Victor courses 150$ before August 3, 200$ after September 1

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